Ponderable Matter

by Hominid

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released March 1, 2017

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Benjamin Johnson
All Instruments by Benjamin Johnson Except as Noted with Each Song


all rights reserved



Hominid Music Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Dont't Lose Me
Years ago I lost my
In the middle of a good day

It took a year to see right beside me
I'd missed it all, done gone

And things go on, like they day
Under cover of a new day...

Then one day I got lost again
In a new life

And I thought that things had gotten away from me
But it was just a sign

For me to leave it for a time
In an old life...

I got lost like before
And lo in the end
I got lost and lied for...

Try as I might to clear
My own past conclusions
But I had a hand in all of this...
Track Name: I Don't Know Any Better
And again I open my mouth too wide
Saying things that I believe but that aren't that kind to you
Where did it begin? I'm confused.
I only say this but don't speak the perfect truth

And again I find that I deride
You say it once and still I counter from my side of life
I think I know where this ends and yet I...
...continue on until too much is said again and again and again

"Come on now..." I always say when I fail
And you don't need to tell me, I know damn well
And I said, "come on now, its so hard to change
From a child who's laughing to a man my age."

I won't let you down except from time to time
When I can't get a handle on this bounce of mine
I said, "Come on now..."
"Come on now..."
Track Name: The Family Critic
You're no enemy of mine
And yet I criticize you all, all of the time

It's just a factor of the climb
Or am I just an inconsistent man
With the rage of child, gone the caring and the mild

You're no enemy of mine
And yet I judge you all in my scattered biased mind, all of the time

You're my family, you are mine
We need to make it through this time by facing something new
For the rest of our lives
Track Name: Lane Change at Speed
Another evening in my wind-swept mind
Alone: my home away from home
The decision to jump is made
And you know it's going to be OK

Because my mind's awake

Around the bend but I still can't see
That the next bend still obscures
What I need to know to exponent my growth
And be sure to not regret my inner most...

...plans, stands and anger and antipathy


My brother called, he said he's doing fine
His family's well, I'm not surprised with what he's got in mind
His own way: "Go and seek your thrill, my friend."
Go and find every thing you need

We are limitless but without greed

It's not judgement but the way I see these things
Track Name: Infinite Oscillations
I got that infinite oscillation in my mind
It's from that
Short thing years ago and the rest developed over time

The cycles came from the risk I did not take an now its through
Peeled back
So easily, my broken skin is screaming but it will not end

It bring's me back every time right here

Just came back that infinite oscillation into my life
I thought it would end, I'd be one the mend
With the time that's sliding by

That's the funny thing, the infinite:
It tends to want to stay the same
Comes crashing back, like it did before
Cracks me open and oscillates away

I've got that infinite oscillation in my mind

It doesn't go anywhere but here
Track Name: Politicking
Approved: I just don't deal with it
It seems the choice is for what you want
And not just for what you don't want to see

And then they try to re-use
I already got a load of it
Please take care, be aware, there are others there
Even when you get your coveted seat

In tune: Oh, I merely scoff at it
We're drowning down here with everything to fear
Do I really need to say what we need?

And I'll agree to let go now
Just steer clear of it
Channeling that rage into something more to gain
Now I see what you mean

Abuse: I just can't start with it
The tricks and the trade, the marvel that you made
Lacking only in reality

It must be time to recuse
Don't make a joke of it
Man, I found out there's no doubt that
You're destructive with your policies
Track Name: ODB for Congress

You know, I don't see why ODB
Isn't celebrated as all that we're trying to achieve
With his child-like topics that he's rapping about
And some sing hey-dee-ho's, he don't leave a doubt
That if we were all a bit more like Ol' Dirty
We'd still be fully backward, but at least completely free
Free to sing about Jacques Cousteau
Who couldn't get this low (AHH)
What? Whatever that means
It would still be better than those little old wickedy creamity schem-ity schemes
Played by the man on top, uh!
Said, "pop," get that Osirus in full stop
If he weren't dead of course
But what's worse?
The dudes in there now?
The partisan Plow?
Or Dirty's hip-hop resource?
To stick it - To stick it -
Dirt McGirt's out in full force

Run ODB, run, run for me
For the ones left behind and the problems of our times
Baby come one, step to me

It's not the Brooklyn Zoo
But rather it's the whose who
Of do nothing, blame others, smoke and mirrors and fool you
If the ODB step in that mess
I'm not sure what would improve or be of interest
But certainly the propositions of the ODB will not be seen
As inferior to those of the rest of that glee-filled and pathetic theater
'Cause Ol' Dirty's got to be somebody (Be somebody)
Practice that art that we know from his party
And if we had him in there, we'd still be nowhere
But at least the dude would give us a reason to stare
'Cause his antics is crazy
And like the others "concerned greatly"
He don't even care that there's so much "stunt flyin' up there"

News Cast:

Russel Tyrone Jones, also known by his stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard, or by any of his other stage names Dirty, Dirk McGirt, Big Baby Jesus, the Specialist or simply ODB, declared his candidacy for the House of Representatives for New York's first district two weeks ago.

Pushing a platform built heavily on unintelligible utterances and wild ranting, the voters at his rallies say his message, although vague, resonates more than that of the other candidate.

For his part, Jones's opponent has gone negative. But his message has gained little ground with voters.

Despite the negative barrage, Jones continues to draw riotous applause at his rallies. In fact, most spectators know the words of his, at times, incoherent chants and often sing along with the congressional hopeful as he ambles across the stage, red-eyed due to apparent lack of sleep while on
the campaign trail.
Track Name: Past Time
I'm looking out with these new soft painted eyes
But there's no doubt that I'm not doing it all right
I'm thinking aloud as I sink into the past again

I'm sinking, I'm sinking...

Starting out again, new tools for the time
But there's doubt I'm still not seeing it all right
I question aloud as I sink into the past again

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Unfamiliarly calm, still twisted tight inside
But there's no doubt that I'm doing it alright
I wonder if it's allowed, as I step back from the past again

I'm thinking, still thinking...
Track Name: Coker
Got to hit that back
Coming up again before I know it's on

Another rage attack
Too anxious or expectant, what ever its based on

I can hide it, I can spread it
Either way I will regret it
When it all still shines without that dark cloud in my mind

You keep polluting, boy
A dirty, smoking coker-boy
Move on to a different ploy and come break out and calm me down again

Such an heroic act
Always trapped in this suffocating circle

How do I dare react?
Try to right a little wrong - can't remember what its based on

Twisted up within
Sweat on brow, breath is thin
I've missed the signs: I've misunderstood

You keep polluting, boy
A dirty, smoking coker-boy
Move on to a different ploy and come break out and calm me down again

Got to hit that back
Calm as a hibernating circle
Beyond straight impact
Improving every day, chances fertile

You keep polluting, boy
A fucking, smoking coker-boy
Move on to a another ploy or just let it out again...

...out again...

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